Through experience, she knows exactly what it means to perform in public and the importance of having an audience to keep the ensemble motivated and inspired. Competition she saw as the icing on the cake which rewarded success and kept aspirations high.

During year 10, Brooke was selected to travel to LA, San Francisco and Chicago with the school band and still labels the tour as an unforgettable lifetime experience.

“Travelling to international competitions and events helped develop me as a person. It brought me out of my ‘shell’, strengthening friendships and independence, and cementing my musical aspirations. I was extremely proud to represent my school and country.”

Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Brooke is now Brisbane based and has been heavily involved in the setup of ASPIRE. Her vast skillset, in addition to her music ability, has ensured ASPIRE is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the soul.

After completing her tertiary education with diplomas in Business and Design, Brooke worked for design agencies around the world including Sydney, London and New Zealand before going out on her own and developing the ASPIRE team.