David Carr is a guitarist and banjo player and teaches both music and the Alexander Technique.

“For many years I suffered RSI in my arms, which as a professional musician was devastating. I tried all types of treatments and only managed temporary relief. When I began studying Alexander Technique, I discovered that the cause was in the way I was moving in music and life in general – It was quite shocking to realise what I had been doing without recognising it! I also learned how to move with more ease and improve my playing.” The technique was so helpful that David decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher, and this turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

Also, extremely helpful in his recovery were three years of classical guitar lessons with Philip Houghton, who’s detailed approach to technique was instrumental in his recovery. David has been teaching guitar and banjo since 1997 and graduated as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2016.