Jeff Higgins is a sales and marketing professional who has enjoyed a career in book publishing spanning 40 years for a number of the global brands. He has worked with international and local authors, and icons from the entertainment industry.

Over 5 years ago Jeff embarked on sales and marketing career in the music industry working in the publishing, retail, distribution and music education sectors.

Currently the Sales and Marketing Manager for the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), he is part of the team that launched contemporary UK music education program ‘rockschool’ into Australia and New Zealand. With the AMEB team, he is involved with creating the national event Online Orchestra in 2019 along with other innovative programs to promote music education to engage teachers and their students.

In this forum Jeff presents an overview of how the music industry works and the pathways for music students and songwriters to grow a career through a better understanding of the opportunities they may not be aware of.

A music enthusiast from age 10 when bought his first vinyl EP (The Beatles- Twist and Shout), Jeff plays guitar and picks up and dabbles in banjo, mandolin, and an endless number of ukes.