ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival Rules and Regulations

To ensure everyone who participates in the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival has an enjoyable experience, we ask that you please take the time to read our festival rules and regulations. Festival rules have been developed to help you and make sure your entire ASPIRE experience is as pleasurable as possible, while ensuring operations run as smoothly as possible.

  • The AIYMF is proudly a not-for-profit trading division of Student Horizons
  • Participants in the AIYMF Festival are attending School and belong to a registered school ensemble
  • Teachers, Heads of Music, Music Directors, Parents, Guardians, Principals must ensure they are familiar with the AIYMF Rules.
  • The Festival is a competition. The winning ensembles in each section must be prepared to perform at the Gala Finale Concert
  • Festival Set-Pieces are available to view online and are to be purchased either online or as hard copies.
  • Registration fees will not be refunded after 30th of April, 2019. The deposit is non-refundable
  • No entries to the festival will be accepted after 30th of April 2019
  • All performances will be accessed by two adjudicators who are specialists in their area
  • A trophy will be awarded to First, Second and Third place in each of the four sections
  • The Adjudicators have the authority to halt performances where they deem necessary for any reason
  • The Adjudicators will have the authority to halt a performance immediately if the total performance allowance of 15 minutes has been exceeded
  • The decision of the Adjudicators is final with regards to anything performance related


  • All Festival competitors will be given an arrival time and warm up area prior to the Festival
  • Ensemble conductors (or a representative) must report to the registration desk 15 minutes before that time to meet the volunteer who will show the ensemble to the warm-up area
  • Ensemble Conductors (or a representative) must hand to the registrar Originals of Scores to be handed to the Adjudicators. Please note Adjudicators may decide to mark the scores in pencil only.
  • Ensembles must wait in the warm-up room until they are invited to the backstage area – students are not allowed to wander through the Venue
  • Instrument cases and personal effects will be locked safely in the warm-up area whilst ensembles are performing. Students will be escorted back to the room to pack up and will then leave the backstage area. We encourage ensembles to become part of the audience.


  • At no stage will the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival be responsible for participants’ personal belongings
  • ASPIRE will provide locked rooms for small personal belongings however, although we will do our best to ensure their safety, these are left at your own risk


  • Percussion section will remain on stage throughout the entire competition in the published configuration. Please ensure you are aware of this configuration for your preparation.
  • Any performers not included on the competition participant list will not be allowed to participate in the Competition
  • Throughout the event, only officials of the AIYMF or their designated staff may speak to the Adjudicator(s) during competition sessions.
  • Performers must observe the time limit restriction for performance
  • A participant may enter into more than one ensemble, provided they have paid the full festival registration fee of $140
  • Ensembles MUST perform in the order
  • In all sessions, competitors must perform in the order specified in the ASPIRE Festival Program
  • The Festival Event Manager or Festival Director has the right to change the programme timetable if sufficient valid reason exists
  • The participating School must inform the Event Manager of any changes to ensembles 72 hours prior to the performance schedule
  • From 30th of April, 2019 ASPIRE cannot guarantee any changes can be made to the ensemble lists
  • Any Orchestra, Choir or Band who performs using an unregistered person will be disqualified immediately from the Festival and Competition.


  • ALL ensemble information must be entered into the ASPIRE online portal by 30th of April, 2019
  • Festival competitors must state their chosen instrument(s) on the online registration from where applicable.

Any questions or queries that arise out of the above rules and regulations must be brought to the immediate attention of the Festival Event Manager within 45 minutes of the session in question ending.

ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.