The Alexander Technique looks at HOW you do WHAT you do. People usually come to lessons because they either have some discomfort as a result of the way they move, or because they wish to improve the quality of their performance in some area, whether music, acrobatics, presenting, office work – anything at all.

With the Alexander Technique, you can learn about what you’re doing that interferes with the results you could be achieving. You learn to improve your coordination in the moment, so that everything becomes easier – all your movements become more efficient and effective.

We’ll explore the relationship between how you think and how you move, clarify body mapping, and create plans that you can use as you perform and go about your life.

An Alexander breathing workshop will help students understand and master the following concepts:

  • Coordination – your head and spine can be attended to in order to generate overall ease and efficiency in movement.
  • Body mapping – your ideas about your structure affect its function. As your understanding of your structure becomes more accurate, your movement becomes more healthy and efficient.
  • Constructive planning – putting the above ideas into a practical framework. Movement can be seen as a sequential series of plans, and if we have constrictive plans we’re raising the potential of our performance.

After attending an Alexander Technique workshop, your students will have the tools to experience less tension, find comfort in the repetitive movement of performance, and improve both breathing and voice by retraining the mind and body.